There are many ways to link FERN to your high school or middle school curriculum. Use this website, PLT resources, and Maine Audubon resources to frame the FERN experience in ways that work for your learners. Start small and grow your FERN participation over time. Use these levels as your guide:

Level 1

Plot setup & data collection

Set up your plot, and collect your first years of data. The data you contribute is essential for professional foresters and for growing our collective understanding of Maine’s forests.

Level 2

Join FERN Network & PLT Community

Infuse scientific concepts, current events, and authentic questions using PLT’s Focus on Forests and Climate Change modules. Share data and compare plots as part of the FERN online network.

Level 3

Dig into data with maps and graphs

Geek out on data and use the FERN website to its fullest. Use the biophysical regions map, graphs, and pie charts to discover for yourself how Maine forests are changing over time.