The Forest Ecology Research Network is Maine TREE’s community science initiative

Formerly known as the Forest Inventory Growth Project (FIG), FERN is a field-based, exploratory program that connects students to Maine forests which span nearly 90% of our state.

FERN Data Points

  • Click on the points to identify data collection locations throughout Maine
  • Click on the colored shapes to identify one of Maine’s 19 Biophysical Regions

New to FERN?

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Ready to Start?

Quick links to download the data sheets and tools you need to collect data:

Student Projects

Glenn Evans and his students from Mt. Ararat High School created six posters representing many days in the field on the Cathance River Preserve in Topsham. Mt Ararat students have collected data at the FERN plots for over 12 years, and after their research, they share their work with the community.